Monday, August 22, 2011

Inside the Studio: Mary Alexander

Be on the lookout for more than jewelry from Whimsical Woman Mary Alexander this fall. She is on a creative roll and is branching out to include glazed ceramic jewelry bits and buttons, plus returning to paper arts with hand printed gift tags using antique letter press blocks!

Being accepted to her first WW show last fall gave Mary the perfect excuse to abandon her "production for the masses" path she'd been struggling on, to get whimsical and have some fun making jewelry again! Her "hormonally inspired" hammered bottle caps were a hit last fall, and she has expanded her craft to include hammered copper and recycled silver wire, vitrious enamel, and ceramic components, including buttons for all the amazing, whimsical fiber artists!

Mary is grateful to be at point in life where she can manifest her creative energies and ideas into the earthy innovative, versatile, timeless jewelry which reflects her authentic, unedited creative self. As she crafts using Earth-friendly materials and techniques, she infuses love into each piece, hoping that the eventual owner will appreciate the clever details and wonderful treasures on each unique design.

You can view more of Mary's work at her website, Magpie's Treasures, and at the upcoming fall show!

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