Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall Sale 2012: Windy and Wonderful!

The Fall Sale on November 17 was a great success! The day was windy but sunny and we welcomed 
a record number of guests to the Pfafftown farm.

 the morning meeting

 First in line!

Many guests came early and by a few minutes after 10, the sale was in full swing!  Pottery was claimed, paintings were admired. Customers choose lovely jewelry, colorful bulletin boards, homemade holiday cards, handwoven wool and everything in between for themselves and the lucky folks on their Christmas lists.

So much to choose from!

Furthermore, the Whimsicals would like to thank our guests for the amazing response to Bra's N Boots! Last year, we filled 29 boxes to send to our service women. This year, we filled 79 boxes to the brim with lotions, soaps, chocolates, books, movies, magazines, and all sorts of other treats and goodies! We also collected enough donations to cover the postage for each box-- outstanding! Thanks to all who helped to fill the boxes with such wonderful items.

packing boxes for Bras N Boots

We also want to thank each and every guest for your support of our organization, and especially for your patience as we implemented some changes into this year's sale. Overall, we feel these changes improved our group, and we hope you feel the same! Thanks in particular to those who cheerfully waited in longer-than-average lines to purchase your goodies (we already have plans for solving this issue next year) and to everyone who chipped in our new $1 admission fee. This fee helped us to introduce the much-requested convenience of accepting credit card payments, and to provide our guests with food, compostable plates and utensils, live music, and rest room facilities. Most importantly, it allowed us to keep booth fees for our artists as low as possible.

As many of our guests know, Whimsical Women was founded many years ago in memory of one very special female artist, and as a venue to support and encourage new women artists to create and share their unique art. As a group and now a nonprofit organization, we are always changing and growing, but our mission to support female artists remains the same. We can't thank our guests enough for growing and changing with us so that as many artists as possible can create and shine. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to grow!

the Whimsical Sisters

A few quick notes--thank you to Tim Shelburne for taking the photos on this post! You can view more of Tim's photos from the sale here.  Second, if you are interested in becoming a Whimsical Women, watch this blog for more information, coming soon. And last but not least, someone has requested the recipe for Pumpkin Chili. If you are the chef behind this tasty treat and you are willing to share your secrets, please leave a comment on this post!

Finally, from all the Whimsical Women, thank you again for making our fall sale the success that it was and for supporting our art.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Sale: four days away and counting!

"Catfish" by Tabatha Renegar

The Fall Sale is just a few days away, and the Whimsicals can't wait! We are looking forward to another wonderful sale as well as some exciting changes! We will showcase our art at a new location down in the front yard, offer more parking for our customers, and this year, for the first time ever, you can use a credit card to pay for all of your beautiful new art. Don't forget to bring your $1 cash admission fee!

 Pottery by Barbara Eure

If you're able, please also bring along some toiletries or other goodies for the second annual Bras N' Boots drive! Please see the posts below for more details on what to bring.

Whimsical critters and quilted monogram by Ginnie Conaway.
Ginnie will be offering custom quilting in time for Christmas!

Furthermore, artist Adriana Granados would like to share another way you can help those in need at the fall sale: to raise money for elderly victims of recent Storm Sandy, Adriana will sell custom artwork! Bring along a favorite photograph, and Adriana will turn it into a lovely piece of canvas wall art, similar to the pieces above. (For more sample pieces, click here). These pieces make wonderful gifts for parents and grandparents, and Adriana will donate 100% of her profits from these pieces to Sandy victims.

Necklace and scarf slide by Lisa McMillan of
Presence Jewelry Designs

Sunflower and heart by Beth Haas

We can't wait to see everyone soon!