Thursday, October 25, 2018

WildFlowers on Hilltop

Exciting new pieces from WildFlowers on Hilltop by Millie Barnhart! Millie's art gives old wood a new life by using reclaimed wood and recycled items on each of her unique masterpieces. Each one has an amazing personality. Love them all!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Lori Doherty

The tiny details on each of these pieces from Lori Doherty are simply amazing! See Lori and her beautiful pottery at the Whimsical Women show on November 17.  #whimsicalwomen2018

Adorned Darling Jewelry

You can see the passion for jewelry making in the artistry of each unique piece of jewelry created by Tonya of Adorned Darling Jewelry, by t.ellis . See the entire collection at The Whimsical Women show on Saturday, November 17th. #whimsicalwomen2018 @whimsicalwomenws

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sue Bang Pottery

Sue Bang Pottery has been busy creating beautiful new pottery! The dimension is breathtaking!  #whimsicalwomen2018

Funky By Nature

Funky by Nature creates unique, up-cycled and unconventional decor. Created with found objects handcrafted by Michelle Jarrett. See @funkybynaturegso at the #whimsicalwomen2018 show on Saturday, November 17th.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Creativimpulse, Jennifer Markey

A sneak peek at new designs from Jennifer Harkey, @creativimpulse. Each unique piece is created using recycled bottle glass, copper and wood. Just imagine how beautiful these sparkle in the sunlight! See more from Jennifer Harkey of Creativimpulse at the Whimsical Women Show, Saturday, November 17th. #whimsicalwomen2018

Artwork of Heather Jones

Heather Jones is a freelance artist and business owner from Winston-Salem, NC. Specializing in whimsical original creations & commission oil paintings such as portraits, wilderness landscapes, silhouettes or any other custom requests. Her artwork has been featured in widely circulated publications. Customers appreciate her detailed commission work and marvel as she brings their concepts into reality. See more of Artwork of Heather L. Jonescollection at the Whimsical Women Show on November 17th. #whimsicalwomen2018 #whimsicalwomen

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Birdwell Pottery

A few new pieces from Birdwell Pottery. Darlene Birdwell creates beautiful wheel thrown and hand built pottery inspired by nature, natural elements and the world around her. We can’t wait to see everything she brings to the Whimsical Women show on November 17th! #whimsicalwomen2018 @whimsicalwomenws @birdwellpottery

Silo Knoll Pottery

Beautiful pottery work by Casia of Silo Knoll Pottery. I’m quite sure my morning coffee would be very happy in one of those mugs! Come see her at Whimsical Women on November 17th at the Crossnore School & Children's Home On Reynolda Rd, Winston-Salem. #whimsicalwomen2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Kathleen Simon

We are looking forward to seeing all of Kathleen Simon’s beautiful felted work at the Whimsical Women Show On November 17th at the Crossnore School. Kathleen is skilled at wet felting and needle felting, her collection includes hats, scarves, accessories, wall hangings and much more. #whimsicalwomen2018