Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ivory Nut Jewelry Helps Both People and the Earth

Adriana Granados is a Whimsical Woman whose art, ivory nut jewelry, does more than look lovely on its wearer.

“Jewelry-making,” Adriana notes, “has been an artistic expression since the dawn of civilization, and it is a way of life for many women going through difficult times.” In Adriana’s case, jewelry is an opportunity to reflect the values that connect her with her children and her constant awe for nature, but her jewelry also allows her to help many people in need. When people buy her pieces, they are helping support a community program for women and children displaced by the violence in South America.

Adriana’s jewelry is environmentally sustainable as well. Her pieces are made from tagua, also called ivory nut, a seed almost indistinguishable from animal ivory. Ivory nut, however, unlike animal ivory, is a renewable and sustainable product. The palms that produce ivory nut are found along the Amazon. Nuts fall to the ground, then dried and dyed. Ivory nuts help prevent deforestation, and they help support the employment of nearly 35,000 people in the rainforests.

Ivory nut in husk

Ivory nut

Dyed ivory nuts

Collecting fallen seeds

Tagua palms

By combining design and fashion, with awareness about the environment and care for others, Adriana is able to use her art to contribute to a better world. She is always looking for other women to join her endeavor, either by organizing jewelry parties, being reps, or adding her pieces as part of their collection. To learn more about the programs Adriana's art helps to support, and to see more pictures of nut ivory and the beautiful jewelry Adriana creates from it, visit her website Nut Ivory (


Anonymous said...

I have bought many pieces of jewelry from NutIvory and Adriana. The pieces are beautiful and very unique. What a great addition to Whimsical Women!


Whimsical Jewels said...

This is incredible and a beautiful way to show expression of oneself through art and at the same time giving back to communities and our environment! Many blessings!!!!