Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nita's Nook

Whimsical artist Anita Bailey's studio is stuffed with treasures she has saved throughout the years. When she has ideas, such as the shoes below, she uses these items to bring her creations to life.

Themed Shoes
Each shoe is covered with artifacts related to the theme.  Teacher, gardener, beach, birthday, games, garage, bling, and storytelling are a few of the one-of-a-kind treasures for that special person. 

Adding a touch of whimsy to stools, chairs, lamps, and other things is fun for Anita.  She loves to design wall hangings and pocketbooks using the traditional rug-hooking method, often using the collection of vintage rugs left by her aunt as inspiration.

Traditional Rug Hooking Pocketbooks
Each pocketbook is a fully lined clutch with two pockets.  They are made with wool strips on a canvas background.  Some of the strips are hand dyed and others are cut from colored wool clothing.  The strips can be cut into different widths to change the look of the pocketbooks. 

The challenge to create a variety of artistic objects is one Anita embraces each day. Check out Anita's creations at the Fall Sale on November 21!

Whimsical Chairs, Stools, Lamps
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a unique set of chairs to use throughout your wedding activities?  To sit in at your showers to open presents?  To sit in as you preside over your rehearsal dinner?  To use at your wedding to hold extra gifts brought in that day?  To use to decorate your home that first year?  There are many uses for this one of a kind treasure during that special time in your life. 

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