Monday, October 17, 2011

Top Ten Things to Do Before the Fall Sale

10. Mark your calendars! The fall sale will be held on Saturday, November 19, from 10-3. Our rain date is the next day, Sunday, November 20, again from 10-3. If the weather isn't stellar and you are wondering if there is a possibility of having to use the Sunday rain date, please check this blog to see if a notification has been posted!

9. Collect bath and beauty products for the Whimsical Women drive for items for American women service members. In the few weeks left before the sale, take a few minutes to clean out your cabinets for any individual or regular size shampoos, soaps, lotions, cosmetics and other bath products! These are much needed and will be greatly appreciated!

8. Find your checkbook--or visit your ATM! We accept cash and checks only--no credit or debit cards. For your convenience, you can select as many items from as many artists as you like, take them to the pay tables, and pay with only one check!

7. Work up your appetite! Food (and music) will be served in our "cafe area" beginning at 11. We are having extra pay tables this year, but if the lines to pay get long, consider having a snack and listening--or dancing-- to music until they are shorter! You can also leave your unpaid purchases in our holding area while you snack and browse.

6. Gather magazines, books, or other reading material for the Whimsical Women drive for items for American women service members. Magazines should be fairly current; 3 months out or earlier will be best!

5. Browse past blog entries and our Whimsical links to preview some of the items that will be available at the sale! But remember, only a fraction of our artists have websites, so imagine all the other art, crafts, jewelry and Whimsical items you will see at the sale!

4. Find some friends and plan a car pool! Free parking, including handicap parking, is available, but we do expect a large crowd, so parking might take a few minutes! We have parking attendants on hand to help things go smoothly, so please be on the lookout for these attendants and follow their directions!

3.Gather your reusable shopping bags to carry your Whimsical goodies home!

2. Check this blog in the days before the sale for any announcements or updates!

1. Collect any other items (cosmetics, tampons, hair accessories, etc, etc, etc) that you feel our American service women might enjoy! Thank you, and we can't wait to see you at the sale!

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Anonymous said...

I would love to attend but am too far to travel that weekend. I am very interested in getting some donations to you. I am closing out Mary Kay and would LOVE to donate some of it to you. Can you provide an address for the package. I can be e-mailed at