Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bras N' Boots

There is now a Facebook page, Bras N' Boots, dedicated to helping deliver care packages to female service members around the world! Search for Bras N Boots in your Facebook seach bar or visit http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/bootsnbras/.

Also, Molly Mae, founder of Bras N' Boots, offers this list of items you might consider donating to our American service women at next Saturday's sale.

Molly Mae writes:

People ask me all the time what do women REALLY WANT when they are deployed. Honestly, the things they really WANT are also the things they REALLY NEED. I say this because sometimes finding the simple things (such as tampons) that we take for granted here in the States can become critical need items while you are deployed overseas. Below is a list of things that women need and would love to receive in care packages:
-girly soap
-shampoo and conditioner (travel sizes from hotels are great!)
-hair brushes
-hair rubber bands and bobby pins (must match the natural color of hair)
-hair spray
-lotion (both body and face lotion)
-bug spray
-women's socks (both athletic ankle socks and boot socks)
-women’s sports bras and underwear (they have all the guys underwear in the world, but forget trying to find women’s'!)
-tampons and pads
-books + magazines +chic flicks on DVD
-greetings cards (many women miss their parent's/kid's/husband's birthday or holiday while they are deployed but can't find cards to send home to them on these occasions)
-black sock hats
-black gloves
-healthy snacks (Luna bars, dried fruit, tea)
-small stud earrings (even the cheap Wal-Mart pearl/metal ball stud earrings are appreciated)
-women's black sunglasses
-lip gloss/ Chap Stick
-good hand creams

Thank you, and don't forget to check the blog before the sale for important updates (especially if the weather looks iffy)!

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